Miss Europe 2016 is Miss France Diana Starkova



New Miss Europe 2016 has been crowned during spectacular show of more than 30 national winners from European countries. The winner is Diana Starkova of France. Miss Europe was crowned with tiara by Chopard which is set with 678 diamonds mounted on 130 grams of gold and estimated 350 000 EUR. 1273_1304796019546883_640245266161319719_n


Miss Europe 2016

Untitled-2Miss Europe 2016: which country will be new Europe’s country of beauty?

Miss Europe is one of the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. It was established in December 1928 by French journalist Maurice de Waleffe. First pageant in 1928 and following pageants up to 1931 were held in Paris, France. In 1933 contest was held outside France for the first time, Spain hosted Miss Europe 33 in Madrid. The contest was interrupted by the onset of World War II but later re-established by Mr. Zeigler and Claude Berr. Most contestants won their respective national contests and had their training for the international final. Miss Europe is joined by all European countries and also Turkey, Lebanon and Israel. The pageant is often hosted outside Europe. In 1936 Miss Europe was held in Tunisia and in 1937 in Algeria. Turkey hosted Miss Europe final 5 times and Lebanese capital Beirut hosted the pageant 10 times. Pageant also been hosted by Congo in 1968, by Morocco in 1969, by Senegal in 1991 and by Tirana, Albania in 1996.

Since 2003 the winners of Miss Europe getting crowned with tiara signed by Chopard with 678 diamonds mounted on 130 grams of gold. The centrepiece is a rare dark heart-shaped 26.40 carat diamond in white gold. Crown estimated at 350,000 EUR. This year Miss Europe 2016 title comes with contract of 2,5 millions euro, which is automatically making the winner the highest paid top model in Europe.